Solar Control Window Film For Home

Reflective Window Film can save energy costs and keep your rooms or offices cool. Window Solar Film has many Specifications with different types of colors. High Reflective Silver Window Film is one of the best performing and most widely used solar control window films.

Window Solar Film includes a metalized layer for maximum heat rejection. Easy to remove and re-install.Window Solar Films are not only the different style, but the materials are also environmentally and durable.
Hong Ye Eco Technologies supply a specialist range of Window Solar Films. So keeps your home comfortable, protects interiors from fading.

Choose a Solar Window Film Product for Your Home

  • Helps block incoming heat from the sun, improving comfort and reducing cooling costs Reduces incoming glare on televisions and monitors
  • UV protection helps reduce fading on flooring, furniture, portraits and draperies
  • Aesthetics: transparent metallic gray
  • For best results, use the Gila complete window film application kit

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Reflective Window Film

These films provide a high level of control for solar heat, glare and UV rays. They also give window glass a silvery, mirrored look when viewed with indoor lighting or outdoor dayligh.

Dual-Reflective Window Film

Dual reflective films provide significant solar control while maintaining clear views to the outside after dark.

Harmony Window Film

Excessive heat and glare virtually disappear with Harmony, a multilayered film with proprietary components. It gives your windows solar control and a warm, earthy tone

Neutral Window Film

Choose a less reflective, neutral gray film for solar benefits and less visible change to window glass. We’ll preserve our home’s current look and the natural quality of sunlight.


Protect your family, yourself and your employees from intrusion, shattered glass, and human impact.

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