Safety Concerns

Do you have active children? Do you want to secure your windows to prevent any accidents? Do you want to enjoy full view without any grille? When staying in high-rise buildings, HDB, or condominium, widely opened windows can create a hazardous environment for kids at home.

HONG YE Window specilist, comprises of a team of locksmiths & Glaziers with many years of expertise.  We have an in depth knowledge of the window frame and locks industry, that has been accumulated  by the staff gained through the wealth of experience of their predecessors who have been working since the early 1900’s.

Because of the traditional methods that have been used since those times we still apply them today to comply with your requirements and projects.

Our Protection

The safety window restrictor was designed with well being and safety in mind so that you can restrict how wide your windows open and prevent children from falling out of them.

Hong Ye provides lockable window and door safety restrictors in Singapore. It is a neat practical solution that provides more than simple child safety.

The restrictors are practical, good looking and help prevent accidents and increase security. It’s the perfect solution for the safety of everyone at home to give you a peace of mind. No more ugly grilles that blocks the view or make you feel like a locked bird in a cage.

1. Max6mum Baby and Child Window Safety Cable

The MAX6MUM security window restrictor is a modern looking device designed for safe ventilation. It is suitable for aluminium, wooden and metal profiles.

2. Remsafe Window Restrictor

The Remsafe window restrictor is designed and manufactured at the highest quality control in Australia. It fits to sliding aluminium windows.

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3. UPVC Window Lock

This essential child safety device is designed to limit opening of a window to 100mm. It can be released to facilitate full opening of the window, it automatically re-engages restricted position on closing of the window

4. uPVC Door Locks Manchester

Without exposed screw, no other brand can offer the same 5 years warranty like this. Base on quantity, quality , cable strength test and popular demand and supply over in UK. This is also our besting selling window locks in Singapore. Hongye is the sole distributor for this strength tested over 1000kg forces.

5. Jackloc Window Restrictor

Jackloc is one of the well-established brands in Britain. As one of the original manufacturers of cable window restrictors, Jackloc safety locks are available in different colours and configurations for all windows.

6. Manchester Window Restrictor

Manchester is well established as one of the UK’s leading Manufacturers of Door and Window Hardware solutions.

With a manufacturing pedigree spanning more than one hundred and sixty years, recent years have seen a programme of continuous investment in the company’s extensive range of products, services and in-house facilities in order to meet the growing market demand for the company’s highly specified, high quality and innovative products.

Our Qualification

Hong Ye is a distributor for the Max6mum Safety Window Restrictor in Singapore.

Our window safety restrictor can withstand over 4428 Newtons (440kg) of force once the cable is locked into the locking system. It means that even if your child gets themselves into a situation where they could fall out of a window, the window lock will keep your child safely inside.

It matches perfectly with the interior design of your home and limits the opening angle of your windows, providing a safe and hazard-free living environment.

The best part? It’s extremely affordable and we offer Free Installation!

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For more enquiries on the safety window restrictor for your windows and to guarantee a safe house for your family, especially your kids, contact us at or call us at 6742 8908.

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