About Vanish and Sand Parquet Flooring

Varnish is a hard, protective, transparent finish or film that is primarily used in wood finishing and also other materials. Varnish is traditionally a combination of a drying oil, a resin, and a thinner or solvent and Parquet Flooring is a hardwood floor covering that forms a geometric pattern.

If you are considering getting your Parquet Floors refinished, then Varnish and Sand Parquet Flooring is a good option for your floor. These procedures can do a lot to help improve the look of the inlaid tiles.

Hongye Varnish and Sand Parquet Flooring services are one Stop Flooring Service for all your flooring needs. We provide all types of floorings – Parquet Floors, parquet polishing, wood flooring, Italian marble polishing and compressed marble polishing in Singapore.

Hongye  help you choose the products you need. Hongye offers Versatile Varnish– Perfection Plus, Compass Clear, Schooner Gold, Schooner, Goldspar Satin.


 Varnish and Sand Parquet Flooring offers a number of benefits:

  • Along with a natural and non-toxic appeal.
  • it is easy to maintain, harbours lesser germs and is also beneficial for those who are allergic to dust.
  • Renewing substrate and under floor levelling.
  • Complete installation of parquet floors.
  • Gap filling of the parquet floor.
  • To bring your parquet floor back to its exotic best, you need to get in touch with a specialist.


So, instead of waiting any longer, get in touch with a reliable Varnish and Sand Parquet Flooring service provider who is capable of handling your Varnish and Sand Parquet Flooring needs and gear up to say “hello” to your better-looking floors –today!

So please give us a call to discuss your requirements and to arrange an onsite assessment. Once we have determined the type of flooring problem and needs through the onsite assessment, to ensure you make the right choice.

So, get ready to get a closer look at how much parquet flooring cost and the right ways of going about the act.


If you would like to obtain quotes for flooring services, a qualified Hong ye Varnish and Sand Parquet Flooring company can help.

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