Why Hong Ye Professional Are Best To Buy Suar Wood Furniture.

What is Suar wood?

Suar wood is known by many names. The botanical name of the wood Suar is Albizia saman. This kind of wood is from the family of Mimosacea or Fabacea. Suar wood is also known as the black wooden names Haiti and rain tree.

The botanical name “Saman” is derived from the word “Zamang” whose etymology can be traced in the Caribbean.

Why Suar wood Is A Perfect Choice To Make Furniture?

The reason is used to produce Suar huge tables is simple: rain trees are giants. A normal rain tree reaches a height of 25 meters. The diameter of a rain tree (with branches) is an average of 40 meters. No wonder we can make furniture out-standards from an exceptional tree

The rain tree has phenomenal properties.

Do you know why Malaysians call the rain tree “the five-hour tree”? During the rainy season, every evening around 17h sheets of rain tree withdraw into themselves. This surprising phenomenon allows rain to reach the ground around the tree overnight easily. At daybreak, the leaves unfold, offering shade the soil will remain moist during the rest of the day.

It is thus often observed a grass circle well-insulated green at the foot of the tree, which has developed this ingenious technique to irrigate its roots.

Four Exceptional Qualities of Rain Tree.

Rapid Growth: Rain trees grow very fast. The rain tree is not an endangered species with extinction. The exceptional growth of this exotic wood enables a new crop after only a few years. Furniture in Suar Wood is beautiful, and their production has no negative impact on the environment.

Grain Solid: Suar wood grain is particularly possible to manufacture particularly resistant furniture. Grain Suar wood is in the form of an interlaced pattern. This natural grid strengthened the wood and reduced the possibilities of cracks due to climatic variations. The natural qualities of Suar wood make it the ideal choice for making sturdy furniture.

King Size: Thanks to its exceptional dimensions, Suar can produce huge furniture. Can you imagine a 2m long top-of-table and with a thickness of 12cm? Now imagine that this top-of-table is made of a single piece of wood, without any joints. Impossible ? Welcome to the world of furniture Suar. The Suar wood is ideal for designing spectacular furniture.

Minimum Maintenance: Furniture of Suar wood is very easy to maintain. To maintain its furniture Suar like a pro, all you will need is a little oil on wood you find in your local supermarket. To keep the furniture in Suar, no need to use chemicals or buy overpriced products.

Follow our useful tips to make Suar furniture.

Because we can manufacture a huge range of Suar wood furniture, some people get a bit lost. What size would look great?

For Narrow Items: For narrow furniture more than 40cm, we recommend a thickness of two to four cm. It depends on the furniture width. The right thickness will give your furniture balance and stability. For standard Suar shelves, use a thickness between 3cm and 6cm.

For Standard Items: For all furniture less than two meters-long and between 40 and 50cm wide, we recommend a thickness of 8cm or more. The thickness allows your furniture to look great and be strong. For standard items such as coffee tables or Suar benches, use a thickness of 8cm or more.

For Long Items: For all furniture for example above two meters long and up to 130cm wide, we recommend a thickness of 12cm or more.

For long items such as Suar table tops or bars, use a thickness of 10cm or more.

We Manufacture High Quality Suar wood Furniture.

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