Singapore Offices & Factory Spaces Reinstatement

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We provide professional reinstatement services to offices and shops in Singapore.

Lease coming to an end with plans to move and expand to bigger shop/office spaces? Many landlords in Singapore include a reinstatement clause as part of their lease. The clause requires the tenant to return the office/shop (i.e. leased premises) to its’ original and former state prior to returning and handing over the space back to the landlord.

All of the interior works done the tenant have done after moving in would have to be removed.

Some of the works would include the hacking and removal of built up partition walls and pillars, flooring, dismantling of the ceiling works, electrical wirings, disposal of unwanted furniture and touching up the project to make the place looks brand new again.

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Our Office Reinstatement Team specializes in reversing office renovation works including Electrical and carpentry work:

  • Carpets removal
  • Removal of floor finishes
  • Removal/hacking of wall partition or construction
  • Painting and touch ups
  • Removal of wiring installation
  • Repair or replace Electrical power switches, doors, windows or walls
  • Removal of Workstations or cubicles
  • dismantling of ceiling top works/cornices
  • remove fixed cabinets or furniture
  • Install original Window blinds fitting or light fittings
  • Dismantling of Office air-conditioning or security alarm system

There may be a need to build the original wall, partition or rom if you had modified the layout or did any hacking during your office renovation. The completed Office reinstatement will be followed by an inspection by the landlord to ensure the property reinstatement is up to their expectation before they take over the Office premise.

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