Install The Burmese Teak Parquet Flooring To Add Great Appeal To Your Space

Another name for Burmese teak is Burma teak which is an expensive timber and since 1960, it is being used for making parquet floors. The Burmese teak parquet flooring is ultimate to enhance the overall appeal of one’s space. It gives a royal and distinct feel to one’s home.

The Burmese teak parquet flooring is highly sustainable and the color tone of this timber becomes dark with age. Therefore, you can be rest assured for years that the flooring will not lose its texture or beauty. Few features of the Burmese teak are listed below:

  • The color tone darkens with age and longevity of the teak is extremely amazing
  • The medium grain has few open pores that give a textured appearance. It is fairly dull lustre
  • The scent of the Burmese teak parquet flooring is soothing when it is freshly cut or sanded
  • High levels of natural oils present in the teak offers great durability

Stylish Burmese teak parquet flooring that offers amazing benefits:

The Burmese teak parquet flooring offers a modern natural look to one’s space. It has the charm to please your guests and very simple to clean. It is perfect for external use and can withstand the weather changes comfortably. You can select different grains, colors or textures to give that amazing look to your space and please your guests with your stylish taste. The teak will lend a touch of sophistication and give you complete satisfaction once you install it by experts. Undoubtedly, it is a natural way to add luxury distinctively.