Burmese Teak Bay Windows


For a rustic natural look, most people will choose Burmese teak strips as their material of choice for their Bay windows. It has a timeless appeal that will always add some classic flavour to any room; and many people have come to appreciate this fact in their homes.

Other attributes

The material is versatile to say the least. It does not just come with a number of finishes; but can also be finished in a variety of colours. This allows it to blend easily to create a style that perfectly complements your existing home. It will deliver that classic style to any space – adding great glamour and fun. This is a typical style that dates back to the Victorian era.

Its multi-faceted exterior ensures that it renders perfectly away from the building which is not the case in most windows. Consequently this allows a lot of light to enter a room; and this works to create a very bright and inviting interior. Light is known to expand space and in doing this; a room will appear larger. It is an ideal choice for people who are looking to revamp their homes.

How we install

we have the expertise to provide a flawless bay window finish that will help you transform your space. Your new bay windows are guaranteed to look great.

It is time to wake up to a new fresh style and do away with your old windows which have seen better days. You can add great style to your home without breaking the bank. Our experts are eager to provide you all the information you need.

▾Why decorate your Bay Windows

  • Inject new life into your home for a full transformation.
  • Whether your home is modern or traditional; these stylish windows will bring out the very best of your home. This timeless look is appealing to many and you will achieve a great look and feel to your home – breathing new life into the property.
  • Adding the bay windows is not a complicated process. With our expertise, you can enjoy a hassle free service that will deliver ideal results.
  • Extra space! Be it for lounging or storage, the bay window will look perfect.


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