Bay Window Products

Hong Ye Bay Window Products offers 2 kinds of materials:

1. Burmese Teak Strips (Highly recommended! Long lasting and beautiful)

2. Vinyl Wood Strip Bay Window with L skirting (Cheapest option!)

3. Granite Bay Window

All 3 types of materials, Burmese Teak Strips,  Vinyl Wood Strip and Granite will fit perfectly into your room’s interior design. Choose the one that suits your needs best.

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Burmese Teak Strips Baywindow

Natural, beautiful and durable. Weathers well and a coat of revarnish returns it to its original glory.


Vinyl Wood Strip Bay Window

Offers a natural wood texture and color. It is been made to be sun, water & scratch proof.


Granite Bay Window

A classic product that offers natural texture and feel.