About Our Aluminum Plates and Coils

Our company offers single-sheet aluminums for curtain walls. Because of its lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant properties, they have been widely used in recent years, as a new type of exterior architectural decorative material, to replace the traditional curtain wall or glass curtain wall and APCP, both in Singapore and abroad.

We use 1850 four-roller cold rolling mill, which can produce sheets with widths up to 1600mm, and together with the Automatic Thickness Control System imported from USA, we guarantee the thickness precision. The Tension-Leveler Transverse Machine employs 17 groups and 6 layers of Tension-Levelers that can control the exact shape of the curtain wall sheets. The film covering system does the film covering protection of the sheets. It also uses automatic stowing to make sure the stowing sheets are in order and prevents surface damage. Our company provides customers with top grade sheets for curtain walls, which can satisfy the high-level demand in the construction and decoration industry.

Aluminum Sheets Series:

Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Sheets

  • Electronic equipments exterior shell and other components.
  • Transportation sign boards, transportation compartments and other automobile component, the exterior shells of instruments , dial plates and other components.

Aluminum Sheets Series:

Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Strips

  • PS Base Plates used in printing.
  • Aluminum plastic complex boards, aluminum ceiling which are used in decoration, refrigerators, and air-conditioner radiation pieces.
  • Beverage packing pop cans and cover used in guard against theft.

Production Process


PVDF Aluminum Plates

  • Excellent long durability.
  • Excellent anti-aging and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Excellent anti-erosion and chemical medicine.
  • Excellent anti-fade and powderization.
  • Excellent anti-fall off, dry and sand.
  • Light-weight material to reduce the load for main structure and base.
  • Colorful and diversified outline, flexible decoration materials combination, providing architects with vast creation space.
  • Processing, installation, transportation and rising and other work are easily handled.
  • High performance-price ratio and low maintenance cost.