Hong Ye Eco Technologies takes Customer Service as the key to success. We pay attention to every detail, so that we ensure our customers receive more than what they are expecting.


Product quality is important not only to customers but also to ourselves. All products and materials we used are selected through our tight procurement process, so that they are suitable for the humid and sunny environment in Singapore, which in return gives a quality guarantee to all our customers.

Experienced Team

Quality products require experienced teams to mangage and install. Hong Ye’s product management and installation team has over 20 years of experience in this industry. Taking care of customers and our products has become our habit. Hence, sometimes you would not even notice that we have already solved potential problems.

Cost Effective

With our experience in this industry, we are able to reduce the cost to its minimum while our products and service quality remains unchanged.


We are constantly motivated to improve our productivity, communication and reliability through IT solutions  like iPhone applications.