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Securing your windows is essential for maintaining the safety of your home. There are currently many home safety solutions being employed by residents of Singapore. Good locking mechanisms and latches are also a part of them. They form a rather inseparable part of your home security system, complimenting your high end cameras and alarms. You simply can’t overlook the importance and usefulness of a good window safety lock.

Window safety locks are just like many other home improvement installations available in the market. There is a long line-up of choices and types and designs that are available for your different needs. This means that choosing the right one out of all the different offerings is going to be a little more difficult than you thought. You need to be aware of how well it secures your windows and how it matches with your overall décor, etc.

Different Types of Window Locks

You can choose from options such as sliding locks, the old school window latches, dependable padlocks, strong hook locks, and the all time favourite locks with keys that are immensely popular even now. You can also choose a sash window or a casement window setting. These will probably require a distinct locking mechanism and will largely depend on the size and weight of your window. Remember, different locks will cost different and some will also be way more expensive than others so even cost plays an important role in determining your safety at home.

Keep Away Thieves & Burglars

These window locks do more than just securing the openings in vents in your walls. These locks deter burglars from attempting anything unwelcome as they are very hard to dismantle or break. So the perpetrator would rather avoid making a ruckus and draw attention to them for the fear of getting caught. Today, many window safety lock solutions in Singapore come equipped with toughened laminate glass surfaces that are significantly stronger and extremely difficult to break. So, you also get peace of mind once you have them installed on your windows.

Home & Kid Safety

Many parents in Singapore are growing more and more careful and preventive about the safety and wellbeing of their kids. The number of accidents involving children is increasing and families don’t want to take any kind of risk anymore and that is a good thing. You can install high end window locks to prevent your little kids from opening a high story window and putting themselves in danger. It is true that you can’t possibly be everywhere to watch over them 24 hours a day. Therefore, securing your windows is a practical and effective option.

Window Restrictors
One more effective and efficient way to keep your kids out of harm’s way is to install window restrictors. Yes, these are gathering a lot attention in Singapore and many families are in favour of using these in their homes. Following are some of the most obvious reasons to choose window restrictors.

Fall Prevention
They prevent your children from opening the window wide enough to be able to step out and risk falling.

Window restrictors are built with some very strong materials and are usually designed keeping in mind strict safety standards. This ensures they stay intact for a long period of time.

Facilitates ventilation
A safety window restrictor functions somewhat like a door chain and allows you to leave your window ajar for air to come in. You can have fresh air in your home without having to open the window all the way.

Easy to install and Use
There are many home security companies in Singapore that provide easy to install and use cable locks and restrictors for windows and doors. They are easy to open but not so easy that your little kids will be able to open them and step out. We have evolved over time and so have our safety needs and locking procedures. It is time to move ahead with changing technologies and bring home the best in home security which these ultra modern and robust window locking systems provide. So, do you need any more reason to know why we need window locks?


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