You Need to Consider Window Safety Seriously If you Have a Kids At Home

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As young parents both keep their full time job become more common, so as young kids that stay with grandparents or maid at home become more common. Singapore is a quite a safe place to live compare to most area of the world. Our economy is stable with low crime rate. Geographically, there is hardly any natural disaster going to hit us. In general, we can go to work with a piece in mind that our kids will stay safe at home with someone to take care of them.

Wait, can we?

As theAsiaparents reported the accident back in 2013, A six-year-old boy who was left home alone for the first time fell to his death on Monday morning from his flat at Tampines Street 42. Marson Heng, a kindergarten 2 pupil, climbed out of the kitchen window of the fifth-storey flat with the help of a laundry basket, reported The Straits Times.

The police received a call at 8:55am about the fall at Block 446, Tampines Street 42. The boy suffered serious head and leg injuries and was pronounced dead 15 minutes later.

Mrs Heng, 28, a housewife said she had left the flat at 7am to take her 8-year-old daughter for swimming lessons nearby, before going to the market to buy groceries. Marson’s grandfather, who lived with the family, had gone to a coffee shop while the boy’s father, Mr Heng CY had left for work

“He must have been shocked that no one was at home when he woke up, so he climbed up to see if he could find us,” said the boy’s father, who rushed home once he got a call from the police.

He said Marson could recognise the company van which he drove to work in MacPherson. The boy might have fallen while looking for his father’s van.

Heng added that Marson was never a difficult child to take care of. He was an active boy but was cautious of heights as he had hurt his right arm in a fall when he was 3 years old.

Neighbours who knew the family described Marson as an extremely friendly child who always greeted them when he saw them along the corridor.



How to avoid such kind of tragedy?

Looking after young kids is hard enough for a housewife with assistant from older generation not the mention the challenges for full-time working mom. We all have slacks and from time to time we give us a little break while the kids finally fall asleep. There is no way to keep them under our sights 24 * 7. And to be honest, we do not need to.

A simple window lock to restrict the opening of windows goes a long way

Our kids cannot access danger properly. Parents wished our warning as parents can be remembered by them all the time. But unfortunately, any experienced parents can tell you the truth is far from it. Why don’t we remove the potential risks away with some simple help from available tools in the market to keep kids environment safe? Life never gives us warranty, but it should never be the excuse for ignorance or laziness. Google search with keywords such as “window safety” or “window accident prevention” or any other terms along the way. You can find plenty of local vendors offer solutions including window grill, invisible grill, etc. While they all added the piece in our mind, we do not always need a spear to kill a fly.

Window restrictors or window locks is one of the most affordable and reliable solution to keep the kids safe at home. At Hongye, we offer a comprehensive sets of safety locks that fit your budget or aesthetic requirements. We provide free consultation for various options your pick be it window grill, invisible grill, or window locks.

Contact us during working hour for more advice related to home safety, window safety, or child safety.

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