Outdoor Decks- Factors to consider

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Outdoor decks? When you think of an outdoor living space, you generally think about landed properties with huge gardens and backyards. Dogs run back and forth on the lawn and kids run through sprinklers.

But when it comes to the versatility Hongye offers with our outdoor timber decking materials, you can enjoy a wonderful outdoor living space even in your little home & balcony.


In Singapore, these kinds of outdoor living spaces are found mostly on balconies and rooftops. If you think about it, how much fun would it be to enjoy coffee on your beautifully decked patio / balcony or roof as the morning commute rushes by you.


For property agents, think about the benefits.

Adding a beautifully furbished outdoor space to your building add value to your property, this construction will also provide a greater sense of community for your renters.

As you design your outdoor timber deck or decked patio, think about who will be enjoying it. What is the general demographic of your residents? Are they mostly white-collar professionals, or do you rent to mostly families?

It never hurts to ask your renters via survey to ascertain what will make them happiest.

Make the most impact with your space.

If you’re part of the apartment-living scene, you might be allotted your own space; however that space might be the size of a walk-in closet. Just because an outdoor living space is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be used for maximum enjoyment!

When you contact a builder, make sure that the process begins with very precise measurements. In this way, you’ll squeeze more enjoyment out of limited space.

Also, consider how’d you like to use your new outdoor living space. Whether it’s a dinner spot, or a place to read, there are a number of deck accessories that help you fulfill your intended purpose. You could decorate up the place with stylist outdoor furniture or spruce it with some greenery.

When you’ve got Hongye on your side, there’s no such thing as wasted space.


Consider the Elements

An overcast sky is no reason not to enjoy your outdoor living space if you live in landed property

Our suggestion: put up an awning or trellis so your rainy day blues vanish, and you can enjoy the cool air as you enjoy a cup of tea.



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Hong Ye Eco –  Singapore Timber Decking experts

You will be pleasantly surprised how Superior quality Timber Decking can enhance your patio/balcony area into a spectacular outdoor living area. With our creative custom made decking designs, your decking area will become a remarkable feature of your premises, forming a sense of wide open areas that embraces the outdoors. As one of Singapore’s leading custom built decking experts, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and reliability, attention to detail, from the preliminary design appointment right through to the completed product. We believe that clients come first, making sure that we attend to all of your expectations and requirements.

Constructed to the highest possible level of quality requirements, we only use the best construction materials, specialising in select grade Chengal, Ironwood, Heveatech, or Teak decking as we can guarantee when using this timber you won’t have any issues with warping, cracking or splitting of timber decking boards. We have been building with this timber for many years and highly recommend using our timber decking. Make a scheduled appointment today and we’ll provide you with the ideal decking solution to suit your home, lifestyle and budget… that is constructed to last.

It has been proven, that HongYe’s workmanship is outstanding. You can check out our gallery to see why our customers are very satisfied and why they are willing to recommend us to their friends.


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