Forget Decking And Water Features?

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“Forget decking and water features” –blueprint for the garden of the future?

It seems that across the UK there are thousands of private homes setting fire to their decking projects and smashing up their water features. An article on Mail online promotes horticultural mavericks and  creating new styles of planting.

Planting great, “grasses and perennials” great, forget decking and water features – absolutely crazy.

Imagine a garden that you could only look at through your windows, no paths, no seating, no illumination for the evening party. Even if you did have a garden party according to this maverick style of planting you wouldn’t have anywhere to stand or sit, or at least you could if you had your wellies on.

The world of horticulture is a place where the natural flow of the many colours and textures of the resplendent foliages and flowers meet what is functional and usable in our gardens. Decking, paving are for entertaining or utility spaces we use daily and without them our gardens would be unusable and impracticable.


Hongye has recently introduced Heveatech as part of our choice of material for your decking. Read more about the product here: Hongye introduces Heveatech to our timber products 



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Constructed to the highest possible level of quality requirements, we only use the best construction materials, specialising in select grade Chengal, Ironwood, Heveatech, or Teak decking as we can guarantee when using this timber you won’t have any issues with warping, cracking or splitting of timber decking boards. We have been building with this timber for many years and highly recommend using our timber decking. Make a scheduled appointment today and we’ll provide you with the ideal decking solution to suit your home, lifestyle and budget… that is constructed to last.

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