Deck the halls with boughs of holly.. then varnish it!

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly, or…. Deck it with timber, solid wood timber. 😉

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all our customers!

It’s too warm in singapore for us to light up a fire and roast some chestnuts, but, we could still enjoy some of the cooling weather by our balcony deck with the warm looking timber and envision a snowier Christmas.

Now as we get our homes ready for the new year, here’s 3 things you must make sure to do before you paint/varnish your decks!

1. Sand and Scrape – The first and more important part before you start doing anything is to scrape any loose wood chips away and if there is material flaking off, make sure you use an electric sander to remove it all.  This will probably be the hardest part of the whole job.  Once you have finished with the sanding and scraping, make sure you clean the whole deck thoroughly.  I would start by sweeping and then actually use a damp cloth with a little white vinegar to get it even more clean.

2. Mask The House – Another important step that many people might overlook is to make sure you thoroughly mask the house with some kind of masking tape.  You don’t want to take a chance of getting any paint on the outside of the house.  Touching up the paint on the outside of the house would not only be a pain, but if you can’t correctly match the color you could end up with a real mess on your hands. Breaking out that masking tape if you don’t want to have to do some painting after!

3. Use a Durable Exterior Deck Paint & Possibly a Clear Coat– Make sure that not only are you using an exterior paint, but that you are also using a paint that was meant for deck.  An exterior porch and floor paint should work just fine.  A general exterior paint might not have the durability that you would need on a deck that will take a lot of wear and tear.  Once you have completed your paint job.  Consider painting a durable exterior clear coat over the top.  However, some of the porch and floor paints are so durable that a clear coat isn’t totally necessary.  Talk to the salesperson you are buying the paint from and see if they recommend adding a clear coat.  Make sure you do at least 2 coats of paint.


Hong Ye Eco –  Singapore Timber Decking experts

You will be pleasantly surprised how Superior quality Timber Decking can enhance your patio/balcony area into a spectacular outdoor living area. With our creative custom made decking designs, your decking area will become a remarkable feature of your premises, forming a sense of wide open areas that embraces the outdoors. As one of Singapore’s leading custom built decking experts, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and reliability, attention to detail, from the preliminary design appointment right through to the completed product. We believe that clients come first, making sure that we attend to all of your expectations and requirements.

Constructed to the highest possible level of quality requirements, we only use the best construction materials, specialising in select grade Chengal, Ironwood, Heveatech, or Teak decking as we can guarantee when using this timber you won’t have any issues with warping, cracking or splitting of timber decking boards. We have been building with this timber for many years and highly recommend using our timber decking. Make a scheduled appointment today and we’ll provide you with the ideal decking solution to suit your home, lifestyle and budget… that is constructed to last.

It has been proven, that HongYe’s workmanship is outstanding. You can check out our gallery to see why our customers are very satisfied and why they are willing to recommend us to their friends.



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