Is Planter and Balcony Decking the New Trend in Singapore Today?

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In Singapore, we have seen an increase in the number of home owners who did their balcony and planters with decking products with eco products, natural wood or even wood plastic composite.

We are also beginning less and less of a simple looking tiled balcony or empty planter area. Home owners today are expecting more to add to their lifestyle; Decking, hence is added into their shopping list.

Maybe it is because of today’s limited home living spaces in public and private housing, making affluent and young families to go out of the “norm” into decorating their private cosy retreat corner (in short their balcony decking) in their homes. Home owners in Singapore are expecting more; most of the newly wed families want to have an unique and healthy living spaces for themselves and their children in the near future.

Hence, we will start seeing a exponential increase in the demand and popularity for outdoor decking materials.

Hence, what are the popular decking materials for balcony and planters in Singapore today?

Eco Decking

Eco Wood Decking is considered as one of the most popular decking products. Eco wood is simply wood flooring materials that suitable for outdoor under rain and shine, and are Eco friendly and healthy to the home owners and the environment. Right now the most popular products being used is Heveatech.

Heveatech is eco as well as healthy to live with; because wood are natural species that will improve the surrounding air quality in the home; it contain very little or zero Volatile Organic Compounds and it will not cause the decking to “burn” when it is under direct sunlight and strong temperature. Hence home owners with young children preferred to use Eco wood as their decking compare to wood plastic composites which is also quite popular in the industry as well.

Natural Timber

Some of the home owners today preferred to use natural timber for their decking too. Some of the traditional wood decking materials used are chengal, balau and iron wood. When choosing natural wood decking materials, the home owner will need to choose a good contractor who gets timber from reliable sources and the owner also needs to have a good knowledge on the current demand and supply of the particular timber in the forests today.


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