HongYe Trellis & Shelters, proven top quality workmanship

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HongYe Trellis & Shelters, proven top quality workmanship

Trellis & shelters come in all shape and sizes, each are custom made to the unique needs of the home.

Some people may choose to use wood- Wood is the same as other natural material, has its own characteristic. Other may choose to go with steel/ aluminium.

Each material used in the building process has its own characteristics and react differently under weathering.

So in other words, to make the timber deck, trellis, fencing, or any other outdoor products. The installer must have very good knowledge of the material and environment conditions. And it also requires the installer to have very good skills, so that the wood/metal is been cut to a nice fit and joint lines are even.

It has been proven, that HongYe’s workmanship is outstanding. You can check out our gallery to see why our customers are very satisfied and why they are willing to recommend us to their friends.

OR see this before & after project recently completed to see what a huge difference a well built trellis can make to the aesthetics of a home.

You should choose us as your trellis specialist as well, 6742 8908 or Click me!


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