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1. a structure or pattern of latticework, esp one used to support climbingplants arch made of latticework verb (transitive) interweave (strips of wood, etc) to make a trellis provide or support with a trellis




Trellises are frequently seen in Singapore, used to provide support to polycarbonate pieces for attractive roofing at homes and even at offices.

Polycarbonate solution provides good acoustical insulation and maximise your outdoor living space and lifestyle. The advantage of polycarbonate roofing and awning is its high impact resistance being practically unbreakable in some instances as its material is much tougher than glass. Polycarbonate roofing and awning is an easy and simple way to build the perfect look for your home and capable of lasting for many years without requiring maintenance. Trellises add a relaxed resort-like charm to any building. They are fitted with polycarbonate sheets which let in natural light while reflecting ultra-violet rays.

An outdoor trellis is one of the most unique and flexible elements that can be incorporated into a garden space; when first installed, the design of the trellis itself provides a visual anchor to the backyard landscape, later in the season, the structure is completely transformed by the growth of plants and harvest, introducing an element of continuously evolving beauty in an outdoor garden space.


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