Vinyl VS Laminate Baywindow

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The main benefits of laminate for baywindow are the affordability and easy maintenance. Laminate is cheap because it is a largely manmade material that’s easily mass produced using cheap materials. It’s easy to clean and care for because of the thick and clear wear layer that covers the surface of the product.


The only issue is that laminate aren’t completely waterproof. Laminate will react to standing water and strong humidity the same way as solid wood flooring, so it’s okay as long as you keep spills to a minimum and/or clean up immediately.


For people who rather not take the risk of water damage to your baywindow on rainy days when your forget to close your window, vinyl is a much smarter choice. Hongye offers luxury vinyl planks that are thicker and more robust the matches the durability of laminate, but resist water 10 times better.

Vinyl is perfect in a functional setting where practicality is your priority. It’s attractive, quickly cleaned and hard wearing-


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