Does the thickness of timber for decking REALLY matter?

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We have received a number of customers querying on the topic of the thickness of timber used for decking,  and today we shall answer your queries.


FAQ 1: What is the thickness of your wood/timber?

A: The industry standard thickness of timber in Singapore varies from 18-20mm for residential use. Our product thickness is between 20-25mm, depending on the choice of timber used.


FAQ 2: I’m concerned about the thickness of the wood, I’ve heard that thicker is better. (i.e.30mm)

A: Thicker timber are designed for heavy-duty uses. They are usually used for projects where heavy human-traffic is expected (i.e commercial/public places)- as it can carry larger loads.  From our years of installation experience, we have found that 30mm thick timber is honestly quite unnecessary for residential uses. Our owners don’t have to pay unnecessarily high prices for specifications they do not require. Our expertise help converts to cost-savings for our owners.


FAQ 3: I was told that thicker timber is less likely to crack and warp.

A: That is untrue. Cracking and warping is more likely to happen to decks that are not installed properly. All wood would warp to a certain degree, which is why at Hong Ye we place more focus on proper installation techniques that would help keep your deck at its original, beautiful condition for longer.  We place focus on our bottom support (where other installers often neglect) to ensure that our decks are stable and lasting.

PS: We have heard of contractors locally that have been sharing inaccurate information to unknowing owners and thought we would share this to help clarify. We hope this would help you make a more informed decision. Have a wonderful week ahead!


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