HongYe timber deck proven top quality workmanship

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HongYe timber deck, prove top quality workmanship

Wood is the same as other natural material, has its own characteristic.

Some of the wood are very hard, very dense – like iron wood, is very hard to cut or shape.

Some of the wood has more flexibility.

So in other words, to make the timber deck, trellis, fencing, or any other out door products. The installer must have very good knowledge of the material and environment conditions. And it also requires the installer to have very good skill, so that the wood is been cut to a nice fit and joint lines are even.


It has been proven, that HongYe’s workmanship is outstanding. Below pictures shows why our customers are very satisfied and why they are willing to recommend us to their friends.

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A over all look of balcony and planter box deck.




Closer look at the water pipe area, the deck planks are cut into a nice fit







The planks around the water pipe are removable, so owners can easily access it and check if it is clean



All batten supports are been modified to allow better water flow



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