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In today’s post, we are going to share about Hong Ye Bay Window Products.

Some pointers to note (especially homeowners):

A common mistake most homeowners make when planning their bed placement in their bedrooms is to put their bed adjacent to the bay window area.

This is not only a bad idea, but is also not good for energy conservation!

Bay windows are designed to trap heat and help you conserve energy when using the air conditioning system because it releases the pocket of trapped heat gradually. Thus, allowing the room to cool faster.

By putting the bed next to bay window area, you are actually transfering the heat to your bed instead.

Back to the main topic.

HongYe Bay Window Products offers 2 kinds of materials:

1. Vinyl Wood Strip Bay Window with L skirting

2. Granite Bay Window

Both Vinyl Wood Strip and Granite fits perfectly into your room’s interior design.

Vinyl Wood Strip Bay Window

Offers a natural wood texture and color. It is been made to be sun, water & scratch proof.


Granite Bay Window

If you are looking for information on bay windows to enhance the beauty and personality of your home in Singapore, you have come to the right place! Hong Ye Eco is Singapore’s best online resource on bay windows. Representing an array of certified manufacturers across the nation and worldwide, we offer relevant information on an extensive range of bay window styles and designs and supply a wide selection of bay window models to choose from.

Email to hy@hongye.com.sg for any inquiries today!


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